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The YPF Skill Acquisition Programme was borne out of the desire to reduce unemployment to the barest minimum. The utmost and supreme mission of YPF SAP is to provide hands-on training that will equip its graduates with relevant skills, making them either employable or self-reliant and turn out to be employers of labour in the society at large, both Locally and International.

Since inception, we have held three editions of the Skill Acquisition Programme and have remarkable success stories from our participants. We have trained more than 1,800 participants in the following skills; Graphics Design & Branding, Photography, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, Website Development, Video Editing, Event Planning & Management, Mobile Phone & System Repair, Pastry and Mixology, Urban and Hydroponic Farming and Sign Language. The fourth edition commences on the 2nd of September 2019.

To further deepen the gains and impact of the Skill Acquisition Programme, we have decided to place our best participants on internship with leading organizations like yours in fields relating to the Skill they acquired.

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